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Buxton Hall | Larry Crocker of Vandele Farms

Last month we sat down with Larry Crocker, the hog farmer who’s been supplying Buxton Hall with happy, pasture raised pigs since we first opened our doors in 2016. Larry runs Vandele alongside his wife Kathleen, and a small group of farm friends, in Cedar Creek, NC, and has been raising horses, livestock and hogs in North Carolina and beyond for 40 years. We talk with Larry about his life as a farming and his relationship with Buxton Hall.

Click here to watch the video.


Chai Pani | Sponsoring two students in India

We are thrilled be announce that we're going to start supporting two students in India: Dipali Kadam & Anu Madival, through the Dharavi Diary non-profit. Charlotte S. and Molly M. had the opportunity to go to Dharavi and meet Nawneet, who runs Dharavi Diary, as well as meet Anu, whom they both adore. We will offer full university scholarships for girls that cover room & board, transportation costs, university fees, & tutoring.

Read more about it here.

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Chai Pani | Serving at Welcome Table Nov 14, 2018

Next week, Chai Pani will be serving lunch to 400 members of our community at the Welcome Table. We have been big fans and supporters of the Welcome Table for many years. They rest on the assumption that food is a primary means of grace, a way to love and connect. The meal are served on abundant plates, family style, by an attentive wait staff, and folks are invited to linger over the meal as in a nice restaurant or dinner at home. If you're interested in volunteering for Chai Pani's Welcome Table on Nov 14th, please connect with Rose!

Click here to learn more about the Welcome Table.


Chai Pani | Announcing Chai Pani’s employee trip to India

In January, 2019, we're sending four Chai Pani Restaurant Group employees to India. Click here for more details and info how to apply. Led by our one and only Isaac Clay, this trek via train is bound to be an awesome culinary adventure. We'll explore the vegetarian cuisines that inspire Chai Pani and the grilled meat cuisines that inspire Botiwalla.

Click here to read all about it and stay up to date on the journey.

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Buxton Hall | Teddy’s on the SchedulyFly Podcast

Teddy! Woah, dude! Way to rock that podcast. ScheduleFly adored Teddy, just like we all do. "Teddy Bourgeois is a bartender for Buxton Hall in Asheville, NC. He works with intention & has tons of respect for his craft and for the team he works with, and believes in supporting not only his team but the entire hospitality community in Asheville. Bartenders and any hospitality people will love listening to what he has to say."

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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Staff Spotlight | Carmelo P.

“I recently finished an installation titled Liminalities, which sought to provoke dialogue about environmental listening practices and the networked nature of our bodies. It did this by immersing guests in atmospheric vibrations that exist at the edges of human perception. Since then, I just started working with the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute to help them sonify the live data from their lightning detectors, seismometer, and radio telescopes. Very excited about this!”

Click here to read more from Carmelo Pampillonio, musician, and Chai Pani Asheville server.


Chai Pani | Brown in the South

Meherwan cooked with all his Brown in the South buddies again - this time in Nashville at Maneet's restaurant. What. A. Night. Here's a link to some drool-worthy pics. Curious what Brown in the South is all about? Osayi Endolyn tells it like it is in this Southern Foodways article “A New Normal South" and Food & Wine wrote a great piece about the inaugural event here: New Dinner Series Will Explore What It Means to Be 'Brown in the South.

Vol III will be happening in Spring, 2019. Stay tuned!

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Staff Spotlight | Bailey R.

“One of the last things that I made was a bunch of jackets for a client who really likes a military style. Those jackets reference old Chinese military uniforms/ Eastern European summer army clothing. I adjusted them to fit his figure and gave it a more modern/professional look. I am inspired by the work of Djaba Diassamidze Fall 2018, Couture Elie Saab, Madeleine Vionnet draping, standard poodles, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel. One menswear designer I really love right now is Bode Spring 2019.”

Click here to read more from Bailey Raynor, seamstress, Chai Pani Asheville server.